Alex Braun

Web Developer

About Me

I’m a web developer with a creative background and a passion for building things. Whether it be writing songs on the guitar, working on a DIY electronics project, or tackling a new programming language, it’s the challenges along the path of creation that I’m the most drawn to.

While attending General Assembly’s Web Immersive Program, I was exposed to many new web development technologies and I was asked to build fully functional web apps featuring these cutting edge methods in a matter of days. I found this intensive process both exciting and incredibly rewarding, and I know for certain that my future in web development will be filled with similar challenges.

In addition to my recent experience as a web developer, I have worked in long term care insurance, where I was on a small team whose goal was to help reduce the rising costs of long term care for our policyholders. It was in this position that I learned how to be creative in a business environment, an adaptability that I believe is essential to my success as a web developer.


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